Chase Kloetzke: Notes On TTSA and the Importance of Its Future

I would like to take a moment to thank Chase Kloetzke for making herself available to answer a few of my questions about a very important subject — that is, the legitimacy and importance of TTSA.

It is possible that TTSA’s legitimacy is the most polarizing subject within the UFO community at present. I have not engaged with many individuals who feel indifferent toward the company — there is either a deep appreciation for their mission, or a healthy skepticism. But TTSA has, for better or worse, bolstered the media presence circling around the UFO question. And perhaps there is something to be said for that accomplishment alone.

So without further ado:

What are your feelings about the UFO phenomenon? Do you believe it’s the product of ET, or do you feel it is more likely terrestrial?

My feelings about the UFO phenomena are hopeful and certain. The reality of this is coming forward and very public, but in bits and pieces.

As an investigator, I have worked on hundreds of reports and encounters, and the evidence is substantial. Although I know these crafts are often “ours,” there remains an abundance of unknown craft and technology witnessed and collected.

There has been a lot of talk about whether To The Stars is the best option for pushing “disclosure.” Do you believe this to be the case? Are there other organizations and/or individuals we should keep our eye on?

The most important fact everyone must keep in mind is this: TTSA is not a UFO group. It’s a company that has generated an enormous boost for disclosure. It is an unusual combination of ambitions, and it seemingly came from nowhere.

They stunned the UFO community as researchers were not invited to the party. They were also not consulted. Ufologists have controlled the narrative (and even the processes) for over 50 years. Anything done or pursued out of the box was often ignored. TTSA has a completely different framework.

Instead of fighting the government or continued suspicions for any former government employee, everyone at TTSA is a government insider… except Tom. Tom is the only “civilian.” He had a dream and gathered those he knew could reach in deep with the secret-keepers or where the information is hidden. It’s a new concept and has produced more visibility, sincere reporting in media, extraordinary witnesses, and evidence from the best and most advanced technology in the world.

We (Ufologists) have over the years, picketed, drawn petitions, and held two very important citizen hearings.

Our field remained controversial and on the fringes. Even the in-fighting and gossip has taken over many conversations and attitudes. Most working in the field do not share what they do or have. Maybe a book or TV show is in their mind. We have all heard the statement many times: “Ufologists eat their own.”

Now bring in a professional organization with backgrounds and name recognition to make the most important calls and meetings. They also understand the norms and behaviors that keep a tight knit team of high performance people. The success of TTSA has ruffled a few feathers from an older guard.

There is also great number of millennials interested and getting involved. Some are known as the “Young Guns,” and they are really adding credible and well-researched and sourced information. This is very important as you hear many podcasters and radio hosts not doing their homework, not fact checking, or verifying sources. Some have a Jerry Springer-level mentality of UFO content as they just spout and attack without a single effort to source or fact check.

The Young Guns are tenacious, smart and uncovering great content. They are doing the work. I would keep my eye on a few, and most notably — Danny Silva and Deep Prasad.

The older organizations, such as MUFON, haven’t offered much more than a database.

Investigations properly executed will depend on which member gets the case. There are many shoddy and “Woo Woo” conclusions and methods in their CMS database.

TTSA has raised the bar so high that if you do not have the kind of vetted professionals and contacts as TTSA offers to analyze and work the phenomena, you are going to fall way behind.

What is your recommendation for the hysteria surrounding TTSA and the phenomenon? It seems that many in the UFO community “put the buggy before the horse” in a lot of ways. They want something to be true so much that they are willing to cut corners in logic and reason and science. What are your feelings about this kind of behavior?

There has been a continued hysteria about TTSA. This keeps some in the UFO field a bit lost in all the noise.

There are some very loud voices that have harassed and even lied. Some have even distributed false information about members of TTSA. Again, they (TTSA) are not Ufologists, and do not run in our circles. They are not on Twitter (save Tom), and they are not listening to UFO radio. They are professionals — not paying attention to any of it. They’re working. Can you imagine Chris Mellon gossiping about someone on the team to other members? Please! They have brought class, maturity, and a new level and method out front that disclosure is not only possible, but certain. It will be TTSA that can accomplish this as they have started it!

Do you find that there are certain politicians who may be more open to discussing and engaging with the phenomenon? If so, who might they be? (I am not only speaking of political parties here, but of individuals.)

DC is so open for information and discussion, and many are listening. Congressional committees are being briefed mostly by the military witnesses that have the clearance and ability to discuss the technology used in evidence.

I have been in DC for over two years and have had meetings with Lawmakers. Now, it seems military and government personnel have the ball in their court. Unfortunately, they really don’t care about Roswell. They want to know what is being seen in our skies today. This is their job. They are not UFO enthusiasts — they make policy and have the ability to change the rules. They can also declassify!

Many in the UFO field may not understand how DC works. The TTSA insiders do.

Although there have been individual lawmakers in discussions, this phenomena is now mostly in committees such as intelligence, threat assessment, ways and means, etc. You need clearance to be part of the DC discussion. Since it’s clear AATIP (may be under a new name) is still active and engaged, it is expected that government will seek out that unit, other government authorities, or the most educated on exactly what they need.

I would suspect those in our space agencies and individuals with their work so advanced in aerospace to be summoned at some point. Example: Steve Justice, who was a lead engineer on the SR 71 at Skunkworks, would have a tremendous amount of content to add.

Two years ago, I started a small group that approached the UFO phenomena as a counter-intelligence operation.

1. How are they moving?

2. How do they communicate?

3. Who are they contacting?

4. Where are they working?

These types of questions start to bring pieces together. This is a successful model that has produced results as we see when a new terrorist group is discovered or even when a local police department inquires into a new gang.

This is also one of the many strategies used at TTSA. Out of the box? Yes!

What if we find that the meta-materials are of terrestrial origin? How does TTSA proceed? Does TTSA still exist should the meta-materials purchased turn out to be underwhelming?

There has been a lot of talk about meta-materials. Some have even suggested that if these exotic materials turn out to be terrestrial, then TTSA will be done.

This is far from the truth.

TTSA is an eclectic structure of business. They are comprised of many departments, with a lot of actionable information and work to be done. Production, investigations, high level meetings globally, and much more.

They are not hanging their hat on meta-materials. It’s about answering the biggest question humans will ever ask:

Are we alone?

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